Hello, I'm Zydoo

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  1. hello all's,

    I'm Zydoo from Smp.6, I play survival and well I like to be out there on my own but anyone who would like is welcome to join me.

    I have had MC since Alpha , Ran several servers , built many things , and well here I'm using all of my builds in one here, I found a nice cavern, a nice set of hills , and plenty of water >.< with a little bit of lava on the side, anyhow you all are running a nice server and I plan to stick around and possably even donate .. um if it was not a monthly donation >.< anyhow (again ) I'm enjoying my time here and hope you all are too. soon ill add a few pic's of my current creation too awe and inspire others to build in to the natural surroundings.. ttfn
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  2. Heya! Welcome :p Zydoo.
    Hope you have a great time here!
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  3. SONIC
    welcome, and please try to ignore sonic as much as possible
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  4. Suuuuureee... (um okay, welcome again)
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  5. pot calling the kettle wut ?

    thanks though.....
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  7. I'm sensing a trend in the GIF's.....
  8. Welcome to the Empire :)
  9. Welcome to EMC!

    Hope to see you around smp6! Don't be a stranger and be sure to wander about the other SMPs!

    Just remember, if you do become a supporter, or make a donation... You can just hit cancel right after signing up, and it will not charge you again. The owners here are on top of that, and canceling is as easy as going back to that supporter tab and hitting cancel.