Hello im new

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  1. Hello im new and i want to get unbanned for x-ray mod i just got on like a month ago and i want to get unbanned so please unban me
  2. but you did use the x-ray mod?
  3. Incorrect way to appeal yo ban, foolish mortal! Message the mod that banned you, and ask them to, and give thema good reason. If you dont remeber the mod, pick whichever one seems the nicest.
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  4. how do u appeal
  5. Where is that double facepalm picture when you need it... My first post is how you appeal a ban. -.-
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  6. yeah i used x-ray but please i want to be unbanned i just used x-ray for looking at houses in the plots to see wats in there like enchanting tables diamond and gold blocks
  7. how do u appeal please tell me
  8. do u denie or accept
  9. Read the Empire Guide
    Commandment number 3.
    Thou shalt not cheat :oops:
  10. is that obama
  11. do i really have to put it up again? lol
  12. i think i know that
  13. do u denie or accept:confused:
  14. how do u put up a piture
  15. dude. Take a breath, and try and explain more clearly. Deny or accept what?
  16. There it is. Now i think we need a triple facepalm. Dude, just read my first post. It says it all, lol.
  17. do u deny or accept the unban request
  18. i wouldnt know, ive never been banned.