Hello im new to the server

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  1. Just started last night and have died twice kinda sucks. but o well i like the feeling u get that u have to go out of town and get your things. Keeps the back yard cleaning and the town clean i like alot
  2. Well, welcome to EMC! If you died twice on your first day, you've got a bit of a bad impression... I don't think I've died once yet (but then again I stay in town ALL the time). If you've got any questions, just put them in the "Empire Help and Support" section, and someone will gladly come and help you.
  3. Welcome, Hope you enjoy EMC! :)
  4. I enjoy it alot. I was used to a different style server. I guess so thats why i died once buy a creeper in the dark and other was a skeleton. O well as of right know i made a hide out in the wilderness and im trying to grow wheat but it does not seam to be growing fast? is there a reason for this
  5. D:

    Nobody else can have Crazy in their name!
  6. lol well this name come's from back when xbox one frist came out i made it and i just stuck all throw my game's
  7. You may want to hydrate the farmland.
  8. i have the dirt head out of the shore. The dirt is 2 wide and 8 long and under the dirt is water also. I have cobbstone around the whole thing and the top the top is 5W - 8L in the center is glass roof on the inside walls i have touch's on the walls? what am i doing wrong
  9. Maybe you want to put torches in so that it's lit up all the time.
  10. ok i well do that when i get on after i get out of work
  11. ? can i move from one server to another. do i lose all my stuff if i do so?
  12. The inventories for the separate servers are not linked, however you can use the Empire Vault to transport items between servers. It costs 10 rupees per time that you open the vault, use command "/purchase vault" to access it. If you do that command on another server, the items in there initially will still be there. I'm planning to move to SMP7 when it comes out...
  13. o there making a new one soon? if so i would love to move to it with u and live next to u. you seam nice
  14. Justin leaked a little info to me in-game, and said he was ordering 2 new servers.
  15. o ok thats cool me and my friends are on smp2 there is three of us in total