hello I'm lolol33

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  1. Hi fellow minecrafters... I'm lolol33 i love minecraft and empire minecraft.. I was banned recently but i don't want to talk about that... even if im still banned imma stay active on the forums... my favorite non-minecraft game is Gran Turismo 5. my friends recently created a thing in memory of me they call it the lolol33 shrines, see one at /v biggiesmawlls on smp3 or /v mrmissle on smp3. I love helping people i try not to be mean and i try to be helpful and creative. When im really bored i create skins and i've been considering a texture pack.. BTW my profile picture is my creation 2 yrs. ago. I hope someday i'm unbanned and get to meet all of you. lolol33 out!

  2. Thanks for staying active on the forums, not to be mean, I am glad to see the spam system works ;)
  3. ..... It was a multi-post glitch
  4. I
    In that case, try appeal your ban with an admin :)
  5. i did they dont believe me
  6. This isn't your ban appeal thread. :)
    It is a nice welcome-ey thread and should not be tainted. :)
  7. i know lolol
  8. Oh I get it... Because your name is "lolol" and yeah...

    Nice having you here. :)
  9. yah somebody gets why im named this ur my new best friend