Hello, I'm David of the Light

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  1. I am David of the Light, or just David if you want. I found this server while voting for mineplex (a server I am on a lot) and thought I would try it out. When I first got here I was placed in smp6 so that's where I call home. I can't wait to meet some of the people here and have some fun in this new Empire (btw I love the name ;)).
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  2. Welcome :D
    please click on my egg or jeremy will die
  3. hey there! (its a great server, i doubt you'll be disappointed)
    clicked ;)
  4. Welcome to EMC! No offense, but #SMP2ROCKS
  5. Welcome to the empire! *muahahhah*
  6. So is there anything special about smp2 or is that just personal preference?
  7. We are very kind players and I am (we) are very public members. Basically we help each other out :D
  8. That sounds more of an smp8 thing...
  9. yay thanks it evolved now!
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  10. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  11. Welcome to EMC where you can see animatronics that wont forcefully stuff you inside a suit. :)

    I live in smp7. I drift between smp8 and 6 time to time.
  12. Hi David. Welcome to the Empire, a fun and friendly server. Enjoy your stay. :)
  13. welcome :) looking forward to see you online. smp6 is also my home server.