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  1. HI! I'm new to the server and want to get involved in any active communities / smp server. Could someone direct me to the most populated and active one? I can be active on minecraft if I have people that actually talk >_<
  2. Hi! Nice to meet you! Welcome to the Empire! I live on SMP2, and we talk A LOT. However, we don't have many people that are from SMP2 that are active on the forums a lot. However, I've seen a lot more people coming from SMP 7 or 8 that are also active on the forums. So I say shoot for SMP 7 or 8. Still, I think SMP2 is the best. #smp2rocks
  3. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
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  4. Welcome to EMC!!! Well, I also come from SMP2. There are a few active forum users on SMP2 including me so I would love you to join SMP2. But I am also a member of the lovely SMP4 and there are also just a few active forum users, I find both SMP's great :D
  5. Right now I have switched to smp1 but judging by how the spawn wastelands look, it might be more resourceful to go to a higher smp lol. Lovely to meet you all =D You can only have residence at one smp correct?
  6. Correct
  7. Welcome to the empire. In my opinion of you want to talk we get into nice conversations on SMP4. But none the less welcome to one great server.
  8. Gold Supporters can get 2 residenses on any of the smp's.
    Diamond Supporters can get 4 residenses on any of the smp's.
  9. Now, I am incredibly, horribly biased, but SMP8 is pretty great. Also, that rhymed, so there is 2 good reasons right there to join SMP8.

    Oh yea, welcome to EMC. If anyone offers you a fish, be sure to take it. Especially on SMP8.
  10. Well I have gold so I can have 2 homes now =D
  11. Woah, you bought Gold right off the bat? Well, it's a good investment. However, I've never seen someone that just join and then buy supporter on the same day they join. Now that's REAL dedication right there!
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  12. Welcome to EMC ;)
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  13. If you have supporter ship like you do with gold you can get an extra res on any other smp / utopia. utopia plots are 120x120.
  14. No just no run from smp8 thats what you got to do stay away from the fish >_>
  15. If you want good forum/community interactions, join smp8. We have a lot of public farms for loot. :D
    Welcome to emc!
  16. I like the benefits of donors and 10$ isn't that much. It's only for a month and if I do not like it I can always not renew.
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  17. Ya sure and end up married. :p Anyways, hi cOba7t. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay, :) and if you get offered a fish, run. ;)
  18. I'm married already and I hate fish =D
  19. so I would always say come to smp3 its great... but smp3 is the quietest smp ever :p