Hello if you know how to build a blaze spawner plz read

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 621op, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone i have a 4x blaze spawner in one spot so i need someone real good to help build it if you build you can use it.I don't know how to i looked for vids but hopeless so if you know how to comment below.
  2. Some ways require you to get endless supplies of pistons; costing you probably thousands of rupees, but why not just create a simple 6x6 pipe that extends downward to a single opening of 1 block, where you can only see the feet of the blazes? This would make them come to you, you can kill them without harm, and then still pick up rods...
  3. Can you do it I'm confused
  4. Hey 621op I know how.

    Remember the one I built for you a week ago?
  5. Can i still have access to it??? pwease?
    I really need blaze rods for smelting!
  6. But this guy said that you hate me and that im a dumby
  7. Snow golem/snowballs + Blaze Spawner = Blaze Rods for all.
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  8. A week was a long time ago and I forget easily, but I remember now......

    I now remember what it was like after it was built.

    Sorry can't do it.
  9. When you get a chance can you
  10. 621 ican make i, i know how to! Ive been researching 4 A while, ill send u of a pic of my working one in single if u send me pm that i can do it!