Hello I am new!

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  1. Hello everyone I just joined tonight. My other half has been here a bit and encouraged me to give it a go so here I am! I still learning my way around both the game and website and having a blast doing so. Best game EVER!
  2. Welcome to EMC! Feel free to ask me on SMP2 if you have any questions, I'm positive that you'll love it here :)
  3. Welcome to the Empire!
  4. Welcome to the Empire! :D We hope you enjoy are wonderful servers :)
  5. Heeeelloooo and welcome to Empire Minecraft, the best Minecraft server!!!!
  6. Welcome ^-^
  7. Welcome to EMC :)
  8. I see you have found our little server here... Welcome to Empire Minecraft! :)
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  9. Welcome to the Empire, where Creepers hug back!
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  10. Welcome to the Empire! If you don't have a home server yet smp8 is where it's at :p
  11. Hi there! If you see nick_godoy, please say hi to him for me! :)
  12. Welcome to emc, hope you enjoy it as much as all of us do! By the way, m4nic_m1ner gives new people a starter pack, so you have food armor and tools to go into the wild :)