Hello i am KJHaddrell01

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  1. Hello i am KJHaddrell01 you may know me on SMP9 so i am here to introduce myself my name is KJHaddrell01 of course and i am a Diamond supporter. I love building and mining. Love building public things to help people.

    Please click that follow button for 100r :)
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  2. I don't think you can pay people to like/follow you...
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  3. I remember you...:eek: SMP9 is my home server too, (obviously)
  4. Everyone who want to become my freind and follow me will get 100r
  5. ...sigh
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  6. Lol, buying friends.
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  7. 1,000r mebbe?
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  8. Be well known and you won't have to buy friends.
  9. Hello, and you get followers by being liked, not by bribing people. Earn it and people will follow. (P.S, its all against the rules.)
  10. Just to let you know i do that for all of my chat and stuff