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    Well, I got bored on friday. Sick of my little 4 player server. Looked online for a SMP server and found Empire. Gotta say, I really like the way it is set up and ran. I loved how easy it was to sign up and get on, how easy it was to get a plot for me to build on, and how friendly the members I have ran across are. It feels a lot like an mmo, yet at the same time doesn't. Which I like. And I also like seeing all the different things people build. It's great to see someone else' creative juices flowing instead of just mine, my cousin's and my g/f's. Gets a little stale sometimes :p

    I'm playing on server 9 and enjoying my stay. I hope to one day fall into a group of friends that like to link up and explore/mine in a group for safety, as well as chat. I've been playing mc since november, so in alot of way's I'm still a noobie. (still gotta look up 55% of the recipes) Thanks in advance for the warm welcome (Seeing as I'm off to work for the day and won't get a chance to thank y'all til much later.)
  2. Welcome DeathHaze
    Hope you enjoy Empire Minecraft :)