Hello, hello! Torg123 here!

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  1. Heeeeello, EMC! I'm Torg123! (That rhymed :cool:)

    Now, I've actually been playing on EMC for a while now, perhaps a month, maybe two, but have never introduced myself to the greater community here. I mainly reside on world 5 where I live out in the wilderness on a Mushroom Island (keep your hands off!)

    I've been away for the better part of a month, and maybe more :oops:

    Now I'm coming back, and just want to say Hello there!
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  2. Hmm, never see you on smp5, although I can guess the mushroom book your in :p anyways welcome :)
  3. Welcome (back)! Glad to see you on the forums, it really adds to feeling of community that EMC has to offer :).
  4. Thanks for the warm (re)welcome. I do enjoy the amount of cooperation on all servers of EMC.
  5. Welcome to the fourms! They are an awesome place! :D
  6. I'll bet!