Hello guys!

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  1. Well hey guys, im new on EMC and i just got on a few minutes ago.. right now im just here to introduce my self :D Im a canadian , i like soccer, basketball,baseball ,hockey etc.. I also got my mc account a few days ago, but im not a noob :p that all i have to say and also if you know jaydenferrer123 he is my bestfreind in real life and my skin is a girl in the picture thing but im a boy.. it messed up some reason
  2. :D Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
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  3. Hello! Enjoy the Empire!
  4. HI CONGRAZZLES for finding the best server yo
  5. Yo, so uh, do you like potatoes? I swear if you say no..
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  6. Welcome to the Empire, greatest Minecraft community to be in. Feel free to literally talk to any one of us here and visit the other smp's . There's alot of great buildings to be discovered. Once you build your res and have more ideas, consider becoming a supporter, the perks are great and gets you more building residences .
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  7. Welcome to EMC Brayden20002 :D
  8. Stahp stalking people. You stalked my alt yesterday :3