Hello from SGX2000

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  1. My res is setup on SMP9 and I've been here 12 days so far, have a pretty successful shop setup at 18648

    so hello :)
  2. Hello! First Comment!
  3. Welcome to EMC! If you have any questions, please ask!
  4. Do you know who's IcecramCow and Ignoreamoose?
  5. I know Icecreamcow is one of the owners or mods or something or other and Ignoreamoose is the awesome person who kicks the annoying ones off the server....

    is that enough of an answer =P
  6. You passed :)
  7. yay got the shop database listing going... i wonder how many people actually look at that though
  8. *ignoramoose :)
  9. Its ignoreamoose!
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  10. I looked at it a lot and have never found out how it works...
  11. Is not! Look at the online staff!:p
  12. that sounds perfect... glad i took the time to put mine up there LOL
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