Hello everyone!

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  1. Hey, my name (in game) is IluvMinecraft246. In real life I am Ivan. Sorry for bad English, I am from Russia, so I have some problems with language. I haven't done any multiplayer in several years so this is nice to get back :D ! I play in the Empire for about a week, but a built a nice residence in smp8. I have pretty nice shop with low prices, if you are interested :cool:. I made my skin, BTW. Looking for good friends, lets go mining together!!!
  2. Welcome to the Empire! Hope you enjoy your stay here and continue to have fun building and creating. Finding friends to play with on EMC should not be to hard, this is the best community in Minecraft ;).
  3. Ohhh, I love this server so much! All people here are veery friendly! ;)
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  4. we know :D
  5. Welcome to the Empire!
  6. Welcome, friend. Hope you are and glad you are enjoying your time. :)