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  1. So I have been lingering around checking out things and I am pretty impressed with what I see. Believe it or not I explored EMC a while back before it got big. At the time I decided to go with another server to which I have stuck with for a solid 4 years. Anyway I have little interest in it now with all the changes taking away all the great vanilla aspects of the game which ofcouese is why I am here..

    So here I am. I am an avid MC player, streamer, and youtuber. I have moderated and been apart of creating and building on other servers. Origionally I was into PvP mostly but have become more dedicated to economy servers. So far the only concern I have is the community doesnt appear as active as I am used to seeing on other servers. That could just be me though so we will give it some more time.
    Now on to what I can do.. basically anything and everything to do with minecraft. I have made tutorials and have a sound understanding of advanced restone, which was my main reason for coming to EMC. I finally have freedom to build again! I can build just about everything imaginable if you give me the resources and time. I love building more then anything. Mansions, skyscrapers, market design, interiors, you name it. My specialization is mob traps.. I am a master multi spawner trap builder. I know how to navigate and use a grid coord system to pinpoint spawners and determining central locations within mineshafts that activate as many spawners as possible. If you want to trap a mod.. Im your guy ;).

    And with that I just wanted to take the time to say to the admins and staff.. great job and keep it going. Also when I am on feel free to shoot me a msg. I am always willing to help anyone... do anything.. whatever or you can find me at my double blaze trap.

    I havent done much yet..but I see a lot of potential with the frontier. If you need anything in these etablished settlements I would love to help.

    So thats the story of me.. Ajp79

    "Playing Minecraft since 2011"
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  2. Well, I have been playing since 2010 start of Minecraft Beta. My low point of this game was around 2013-14 and I was stuck in a faction/pvp/raid loop and really bored me out. So, by a 5 month break of Minecraft I reintroduce myself back to minecraft in 2015. I played on a faction server again and eventually that server fell apart due to lack of funds, I needed something where I was creative than stricken to my faction boarders, threat of raiders, and known to be online 99% of the time.

    I played EMC back in my 8th grade year of middle school (October 11, 2011) and of course I wasn't always this animatronic that everyone knows on EMC. I left in February 2012, came back fully in April 2015. Just a little background of me.
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  3. wassup buddy nice to meet you!
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  4. Nice to meet you and Welcome to EMC.
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  5. Welcome to EMC! I hope you stay and enjoy it here! Also, you could build a mob trap in the frontier. Nobody will destroy it (maybe a creeper but maybe it's a creeper trap!) :)
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  6. welcome to emc ^^
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  7. Welcome to the Empire! Nice to meet you, enjoy your stay :)
  8. Hi ajp79. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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