Hello everyone

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  1. Hello everyone.

    As you can see my screen name is Arthill1988. I am new to Minecraft and thus this server. So far I have been enjoying the game quite a bit. It is interesting to see the things people have built. I recently watched a video of an automatic wheat harvester and was quite impressed. I am hoping to be able to make such things myself. I am currently harvesting materials for my house so no crazy machines for me yet.

    Here is to hoping to see some friendly people in game (server 6 I believe is where I play).

    Take care
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  2. welcome to EMC :D
  3. Welcome, fellow Minecraftian. You will enjoy these servers a lot. Hope to see you at some point, and have fun and such! :D
  4. Here is to hoping to see you guys online sometime if I can manage to keep my game working. It has been freezing and locking up my computer lately. Still looking into possible fixes.
  5. Welcome! There are so many fun things to see and do in Minecraft, and on the EMC servers especially!
  6. !I hope you havee fun, im new and i love this server