Hello, everyone !!

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  1. I am Charlie !! I am not new to the forums, I registered a couple of days ago... but I am doing this now :]
    I am a writer, a year 7 student, a DWN and a Whovian.
    I like building things in the wild, but not so mutch pvp :/
    Now I have said some stuff about me, tell me something about you !!
    i.e. What do you like doing best on EMC?
  2. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! Many much to do here for ages.
    As for myself, I practically do nothing since all of my residences are fully constructed and I already have the sum of rupees thats good to live off of. Oh and uhmm, about myself: Sophomore in College.
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  3. Welcome to the Empire and its glorious Forums! :D
  4. Welcome! Enjoy your stay and have fun! ( o w o)b
  5. Welcome!

    Normally I immerse myself into a multitude of projects in which I either never finish or take WAAAY too much time to complete. Currently one of my latest projects is to finish my Imperial City out in the SMP9's wild. A few other future planned projects are to create a shopping district in SMP9's town and erect an entire mountain for a my retirement home. That I will probably never, ever use. Finally I wish to find an Island in the wild and name it "Nether's Land" with all of my future builds and constructions. :p

    Personally I don't like revealing information about myself. :p
  6. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  7. Hey, welcome! What do you like to write?
    My favorite is mining. Never know which block to stop at because those ores are tricky creatures.
    Just one more...or that one..no the other one!
    Next is gathering resources!

    Ok, something about me. I love to work on and build cars. Something about busting rusty bolts off, and getting something to run faster, stronger, better. (and not *just* bolt-ons, I am talking about full fledged yank the engine out, strip it down to a bare block and build it up)
  8. Welcome to EMC!
  9. Welcome to EMC, we have briefly talked before.;)
  10. Hey Welcome to EMC! its the best server in whole wide world! also building in the wild is great all you need is a base and then ya can start building!
  11. Welcome to the Empire.
  12. Its hard to say what I like to write... poems, short stories, long stories... information stuff... almost everyhting :D!
    Hi TechFilmer :D
  13. Sounds fun :p
    I see a multiple of :p , which is like me with :D !