Hello everyone

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  1. Hi,
    I'm Carly aka SkareCgirl. Some of you may know my big brother, he gifted me this account as a late birthday present on top of offer gifts, his the best. I haven't settled on an smp yet but will probably setup on smp4 since my brother lives there and he lets me use all his stuff.

    My brother told me to introduce myself here. He said he won't be very active but that players on EMC are very friendly.
    So here I am. I love playing Minecraft although my experience is mostly single player and I only played this game for about 1 week now. Ill still trying to figure out all these recipes to craft items.

    Hope to see you in the game. I like chatting, skiing and surfing.
  2. heya little sis
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  3. What no the empire doesn't need more girls >.>

    We can barely handle Krys-

    Nevermind =^.^=
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  4. Welcome! Hope he has told you much of the need to knows of the Empire! Glad to see you stepping into his footsteps c:
  5. Hello and Welcome! :)
    And there's never too many girls playing on the Empire! :)
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  6. Welcome!
    If you need anything, I'll be on smp6 :D
  7. :cool: Welcome to the Empire! :D
  8. Hello.
    So, whats new? Your going to build a moving pumpkin farm? :p