Hello Everyone!

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Have you heard of me?

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  1. So, after 1000 days I have never posted a thread on this section of the forums so, why not?
    I am ShalomOut, I play on smp6. (originally smp1) I originally owned and created cake for a living. Now I am making a shop called "ShalomOutsShopScraper". also one thing I might note is I was originally an iron supporter. I was inactive for 5 to 7 months but about a month or 2 ago I came back to play for maybe another 1000. Also with my inactivity I came back and I have meet a whole other group of people. I will say it now, this new group of people are more talkative than the people who was on a lot about 5 months ago. (no joke.) It is quite unfortunate that the friends I made a while ago (or most of them) do not play Empire Minecraft any more. None the less I look forward to meeting more and more of you!
    Ask questions if you wish to I will get to answering them.
    If you were expecting a whole book I'm sorry that I didn't do that. I'm not the greatest one when it comes to this sort of thing (main reason after 1000 days I haven't done this.)
  2. Thank you!
    yeah still waiting for those dragon tombs but they aren't out... yet but they are going to be epic! I mean it makes sense if they put this much time into making it.