Hello everyone!

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  1. Well, obviously my ingame name is Itz_AnthraX, but I prefer Anthrax, Thrax, w/e. I just needed the "Itz" so I could register to get the game. :D

    Anyway, for realz though. My name is Zack, and I'm just a wee Senior in high school. I plan on going to college to be a game programmer, but the way things have been going with my girlfriend of 2 years (anniversary was just yesterday! :D), I might just settle for something on the IT side of things. I hope to make a bunch of friends here in the Empire. Hope to see you guys soon! :)
  2. Hey Zack, I had anthrax vaccines (somewhat experiential) in the military. They sucked and made my joints swell, but I won't hold it against you ;)
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  3. Oh man. I HOPE you don't hold it against me. Lol :)
  4. Glad u can come aboard! ^^
  5. Welcome to the Empire :p
  6. AHH it's anthrax *puts on chemical warfare suit* welcome to the empire!
  7. Hi there, are you a fan of the band Anthrax?
  8. Lol you are never going to get rid of the anthrax jokes now!
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  9. Ahhhh no. I probably won't Justin. :p

    No I'm not Beardswell, I just liked how the disease kills people... I know. Violent. :D

    And thanks for the warm welcomes! ^_^
  10. Not as violent as Ebola! but still pretty messed up. good to have a new face around! welcome again! :D