Hello everyone.

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  1. I'm having a tiny problem. you see i wanted to build a giant sugarcane farm on my plot in town smp1, but i don't have permission to use buckets can someone tell me why this is, is there a way that i can use them, or did i make 9 buckets for no reason. Untitled.png
  2. Are you in the protected zone of wild spawn? That may be your problem.
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  3. True^^^. If you can see those cobble pillars?, go over there:) and try then...........It will work:D
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  4. Yeah thats what i was thinking, once you hit the stupid ugly towers, your out of the protected zone
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  5. Spot on;)
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  6. Woot woot, only two more likes then I'm active:D
  7. There you go, lol
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  8. Thanks soo much:D
  9. themad or whatever ur name is, if thats on ur res there might be a bug or somthing if its not on ur res u have to get permssoin from the guys res, if it is ur res ask a mondertor for help or a adamin. it might be a bug or somthing.
  10. Sometimes you get that warning when trying to place water on a block on the side of your residence, if you click on the block on the floor it works as expected.
  11. You are within the protected spawn area, that is the issue. You have to leave the spawn to build, destroy, use buckets, etc..