hello everyone

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  1. i'm mayhem and new to the online mc communities. i went searching for one to join and this looked like the best fit.
  2. This is the best server ever. Savor it.
  3. Hello Welcome to Empire Minecraft! Read the Guide and Wiki to help or contact staff or players to help you with anything. I am mostly on Smp1, 2, and 9. If you need me for anything just tell me via forums or In game!
    Welcome to the best server ever!
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  4. What demon said!
    :p Though you will likely find me on 1, 3, 4, or anywhere else :p
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  5. :) Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
  6. Welcome :3! Have fun and enjoy your stay!
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  7. Welcome! I'm Choongjae, and you can generally find me on smp6, also, I love potatoes.
  8. Welcome to EMC!
    Lots of stuff to do. Stick around!
  9. Welcome to the Empire!
    Where the creepers hug back!
    This server is an awesome one to start in, it was my first one, I should know :p
    Anyway, which server are you on? Be sure to stop by smp4, I'll give you the "noob gear"
    This really is one of the best servers around, enjoy!
  10. Lol, werent you the one who kept logging out and back in during your tutorial?
  11. Hello and welcome
  12. this server was one of the first i had ever joined, too.
    Have a great time, and a merry christmas (why did i just write that? Oh yes, im on smp9)
  13. Join smp2. It's the best.
  14. mmm.. depends.
  15. On smp9, I live at deathtopia.