Hello Everyone!!!

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  1. Well I am not that new to this server but I have not introduced myself. I have a shop at 8538 that sells Powered Rails for 10 rupees!!!!! You get a stack of Powered Rails and you only have to pay $10!!!!!!
  2. That is a pretty good deal!
  3. Almost too good to be true!
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  4. Hey guys I was banned because I had a powered rail generator but it was a glitch and in the rules it does not say thouh shall not glitch. I will get rid of the powered rail but could you please unban me? I worked really hard on my residence. So please unban me I did not know you weren't allowed to glitch but isn't it the same thing as getting a cobblestone generator. Also I did not glitch it Broegg17 did but I gave him permission. If this is not allowed there are other people with them. So please consider unbanning me as it is not in the rules. Thankyou
  5. Welcome to the Empire.
  6. if u want to be unbanned i reccomend staying active on the forums and starting a conversation with a senior mod or an administrator.
  7. I am already unbanned.
  8. Good for you!
  9. Lol now I have to try to get my friends unbanned. Lol.
  10. What where they banned for?
  11. They had powered rail generators.
  12. I still haven't been unbanned
  13. u did break the rules
  14. Wait, what IS a powered rail gen? Might make one on my single player map.
  15. its two stickypistons with a block between them with a button and four rails, one infront the piston and another on the sides You should YouTube search "Powered Rail Generator"