Hello everyone.

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  1. As the title implies; hello everyone. Ladies, gentlemen, creepers, other. I'm new. As you can guess lol. Uhm...Yep......I like cake. It is good.

    Some additional things about me:
    -I am a furry. Flame responsibly.
    -I like chicken; a lot.
    -I like to write, play video games and sleep. I own a PS3, PSN name is Srgntcuddles. Add me and maybe we can play some MW3, or Dark Souls. Or any other game we have in common.
    -I'm not a fan of vegetables, or sports. I am a meatatarian.
    -I like animals, they are adorable.
    -My favorite MC animal would be the cow. A highly versatile animal as it produces milk for my lovely cake, beef for my eating pleasure and lastly leather for my favorite choice of armor.
    -My favorite MC baby animal would have to be the sheep, as it makes the most adorable sounds of all the others.(Have yet to hear mooshroom)
    -My least favorite MC animal would be the chicken. It is the bane of my existence. As every time I locate one, a creeper is close behind. They are evil...I know they are...
    -My preferred MC weapon would be the bow and arrow. And following closely behind, the snow ball.
    -I am a grammar Nazi.

    Friends are always welcome. :3
  2. Always nice to run into a fellow furry enthusiast. Hope to bump into you server side. :D
  3. It would be a pleasure, I'm sure. ^^
  4. lol, grammer nazi? well, you didnt make one mistake in your intro, so i believe you :)

    Welcome to EMC!
  5. As enamored as I may or may not have been with the idea of anthropomorphism, I never really classified myself as a furry during that phase. It's a nice concept, don't get me wrong, but I use it more from creative writing point of view as opposed to a lifestyle point of view.

    I am no artist so I suppose my theoretical "fursona" will just have to stay locked in my head for all eternity. It's probably for the best, too, seeing as the anthropomorphic community tends to make a lot of inappropriate gestures. :)
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  6. It really is something different for everyone. I tried going to a few meets in my area, but it's kind of odd being the only plainly dressed individual in a group of other adults wearing fluffy tails, collars, and the occasional set of head-band ears. I will say that I rather enjoyed walking the Las Vegas strip with a group of fursuiters, though.
  7. I went to one of those "gatherings" prior to my leaving the community last year. I found that some people took it far to seriously while others (like me) simply enjoyed the concept. I wasn't one of the people wearing a costume, just wearing a T-Shirt that said "I'm a Furry. Deal with it."

    I don't wear that shirt a lot anymore though, for obvious reasons. :p
  8. I don't run around in fursuits. I'm not that sort of furry. I like the art and literature and such. But I am my own, titles are too binding for my tastes. I try to be original. :p

    But thank you guys for the warm welcomes! <3
  9. I think I wore some clothes once that was animal fur.Does that count?
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  10. Not quite. ;P