Hello everyone

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  1. Hi!
    just signed up for gold!!

    this place is crazy cool.

    I've checked the forums for details about the vault to go from 1 server to the next with resources and items. please help by sending a link to a page that may expand my understanding.

    I would like to know if I remove some but not all items at destination, are the other items available later, without a second fee.
  2. sorry, im a dummy.
    "It costs 10 rupees every time you open your vault"
  3. Hey! Welcome to EMC!

    The vault cost's you 10 rupees each time you open it, no matter how many items you take out of it, so it cost's 20 rupees if you open it twice to remove items.
  4. Is see you not exactly that new but Welcome to the forums! The vault costs 10r to open on every server EXCEPT utopia!
  5. Hello! Welcome!