Hello everyone!

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  1. Hi

    Thought i'd stop by to say hello, Just joined yesterday by recommendation from a friend.
    I really really liked everything so far, GREAT SERVER! i've tried a couple others aswell
    but none came close to the quality and good feel of this one!

    If u see the always-smiling Quagmire ingame (Corbalin), wave and say hi!
  2. Hello!! awesome that you are having a great time here ^^
    I also tried a few other servers but the Empire is the best by far :)
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  3. This is the site for us! We bounced for weeks and even bought one, then we found Empire and we are home to stay! Come say Hi and if you need any help let us know. My husband is Tucker_t and our son is Nickbowhunter so we have a crew that can help if you need it...
    Have Fun! :)
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  4. A whole MC family! Awesome!
  5. im so jealous, only my one friend and my brother play minecraft, my parents and sister think its stupid >:/
  6. If someone can just teach my husband how NOT to burn everything down with Lava... I will be happy! lol