Hello Everyone. *waves*

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  1. Here to play with friends. Fairly new to Minecraft, only really played it on the ps3. My daughter and I got the PC version of the game and are looking forward to building and playing. I love meeting new people, even though I may seem kinda quiet at first. Have a friend or two on this server already (the one who referred us) and looking forward to meeting more.

    Have a great day!
  2. I posted before you, i posted when it was cool!
    Now its just not cool.
    Stop trying to be young and cool Mum! >.<
    p.s I took the last cookie out of the jar :D
  3. *waves* right back at ya...

    Welcome to the Empire :)
  4. Minion man shhhhh, don't do that. Now she will start talking about random things because you a new person has showed up. I'm getting out of here while my ears are still ok. Good luck on surviving her ramblings.
  5. *hides* :p
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  6. Lol, that sounds a lot like my son. I swear that he doesn't play much anymore because he doesn't want anyone to know we are related.:p

    Welcome to EMC to both of you. There are a lot of extra commands here than on the ps3 version. Maybe you can team up just a little to learn them all. Hope you will enjoy your stay.
  7. Welcome to EMC! Hope you enjoy your time here, its an awesome with a great community!

    But I'll warn you, some of us are weird, read my signature xD
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  8. Welcome to the server
    Hope you have the best expirence ;)

    Copying what tech said
    Most of the weird (but also funny) people are on smp8
    If you need help just pm on here or IG ;)
  9. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  10. Welcome!!! :D
  11. Welcome to EMC!
    (Most parent/kid combos, usually turns out that the 'adult' sticks around longer than the 'kid' hehe, is how it happened with me too)

    If you got any questions, be sure to ask!
    See ya down in the mines!
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  12. Hello, and welcome to the Empire. I'm back after a long hiatus myself, so we're basically at the same place.

    Anyway, welcome again, and have fun.
  13. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  14. Kind of hard since your names are so similar. :p
  15. Welcome to the Empire Nevicyn. A great server with great people. Have fun, that is why we are here. :)
  16. We will be eating all the ice cream, you cannot hide it from us.
    My mum just gave me permissions to her land, house party anyone? >.< P.s: Don't tell her that i said that