Hello Everyone! I'm Zonica!

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  1. Hello Everyone, I'm Zonica, and I am new to EmpireMinecraft. I have recently been looking for new servers to play on and make friends. I have already made one friend 'SephirothWS' and he is a very very nice and kind man. I am looking forward to meeting ALL 40,000 of you!!! :p.

    Thank You - Zonica
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  2. Welcome to the Empire, Zonica. :)
  3. Welcome to EMC, what server do you live on?
  4. Thank You, you two. I am living on SMP9, next to Sephiroth, He has tols me his neighbour (ClickZzHD) is getting banned. So I will grab his res.

    Thank You - Zonica
  5. Welcome to the Empire! d=:D=b
  6. Welcome to the Empire Zonica :) I might pop by smp9 later on and see what you are building. You are in good hands having a friend such as Seph. He is wonderful :)
  7. Welcome, Zonica. You've found a very good server in the Empire, and be sure to check out the guide, and if you need any help, just PM me.

    Have fun, mate!
  8. Hey welcome, enjoy empire minecraft.
  9. Welcome to EMC Zonica, and what a fantastic time to be joining! :)
    Once 1.3 update is stable and implemented we will be concentrating on new and exciting features for our players and supporters.
    Hope to see you in-game sometime. :)
  10. I usually play on smp2 and smp1. Maybe I will see you there!

    People call me Creppa. Check my res 3004 smp2. It's going to look amazing...
  11. welcome from smp3!
  12. May I ask WHY you keep bumping old threads?
  13. is it me or are there loads of new people joining?