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  1. Ok I know I'm not new (duhh) but I have never done one of these and I bet some of my closest friends on EMC don't know everything about me :) so why don't I "introduce myself"

    Life story: I'm joking, this is a game forum. I don't want no creepers stalking me!

    Ok anyways info bout me:
    - 15 years old .... In 1 month xD
    - I have practically no irl friends xD ( don't pitty me, I just changed schools, my old school was filled with we'll I won't go there xD )
    - Class joker
    - Halo Addict
    - Member of Anon, PLEASE don't hold this against me. I'm a nice person. Just I believe Anon's view is a good one ( I don't agree with all of there beliefs but most of them )
    - I'm a lot meaner irl than on EMC ( that's good, right xD )
    - Dragonflame356 ( the annoying one xD ) is my Real brother.
    - I play soccer and basketball. FUNNY STORY: this umm larger kid at my old school said I sucked at basketball. Lets just say after a 1v1, he doesn't believe his previos statement anymore ( it was a shutout :) )

    Well, hope you guys learned something new about me and I hope to make more friends than I already have in my 100+ days!

    I'm not gonna give you my Facebook, but Instagram: xxxstriderxxx ( I post no photos of myself on there )

    Ask me anything too :)
  2. Class jokers are an endangered species. You, my good man, is a very interesting person. :p
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  3. Are any of the Instagram photos OF YOU AND YOUR "irl" FRIENDS?
  4. AMEN
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  5. Don't think so

    Edit: checked and Nope!
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  6. So they are all off the Internet. Absolutely beautiful. :p
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  7. No, there of things I do. I'm mean there's pics of me just not my face or anorexic body xD
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  8. I try not to do that also. The picture I put in ICC's thread was of me wearing a squid hat that covered everything but my nose and mouth.
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  9. I'm sooooo temped to post in that thread with my v for vendeta mask ( yes, a protestors mask! Deal with it! XD)......
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  10. No, iFunny did
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  11. Never too late to introduce yourself. :p
  12. HI
  13. Who is Anon?
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