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How about an arena in each smp that has players vs. mobs and has at least 100 rounds!?

Yes! I would like to have 4 players, each with their own class vs. mobs! Prize per round! 4 vote(s) 80.0%
No. I like the server the way it is. 1 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. I've been playing MC since beta 1.5! I've played on a lot of servers and encountered some rude administrators, moderators and etc. I must say JustinGuy seems pretty cool and has created an awesome server! I like how Justin keeps the server up to date and how he listens to the community before making any changes to the server.

    I enjoy building structures that are unique and creating redstone contraptions. You can find me on smp6. Residence: 13429 => East of the main shop. I have just recently joined so I have some resources to gather before I start making some stuff for the community to enjoy! I have a small shop setup with a few resources so feel free to stop by.


    Here are some of my creations while playing on other servers:





  2. Welcome to EMC!!! I am a tomato and my name is Bob! How did you find out about EMC? Also make sure to stop by my shop at 8017 on smp4!
  3. Welcome to the Empire!! And just a quick note, I think the upcoming Dystopia server will include the ideas that you mentioned in the poll above.
  4. @BobTheTomato: I found this server by using Google and having 'top minecraft servers' as my search criteria and it sent me to a site (http://minecraftservers.info/) that showcased all the servers for MC and it had Empire Minecraft as the first listing! Also, I'll be sure to stop and check out your shop!

    @SecretAznEks: Awesome! Hopefully the arena will show up in Dystopia!
  5. Cool!
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