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  1. Hi. I go by the username Twitch1. I gained the nickname Twitch during my first tour in Afghanistan, because I shake and when I got behind the rifle, my nerves would become steel.

    I really enjoy Minecraft, and have been looking for a good community to join for SMP. I hope to find myself enjoying this server fully but I can not guaruntee my up-time here. I am a family man and I continue to serve my country, so I have to prioritize there..

    A bit more about me. I am 24, self aware, a bit off but I like to have fun. I will be as helpful as possible but I will be sarcastic when the opportunity presents itself. I enjoy laughing but I do have to take meds to balance my mood, so if I become a bit irate please do not push me, it will pass. :)

    I will update my profile now, so I will be around a bit. Currently cooking lunch as well, so I must attend to the stove before I burn down my house....
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  2. Good to have you, what branch are you in?
  3. Serving in the Army for another 2 years, then I am heading back down to Honduras to be with my wife and kids.. :)
  4. Awesome man, I did 5 years in the Navy, glad to have yet another supporter of freedom here ;)
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  5. Welcome to the Empire bro, and like all that exist, thanks for doing what you do for our freedoms. :)
  6. Right on Justin! Thanks to both you and Jeremy. I really appreciate that a fellow Veteran is supporting this, and a grateful fellow member of the Minecraft community. :)
  7. Welcome to the server!

    Btw, did your house burn down? Haha, well, it's great to have another person who served for our country in the server.
  8. Haha, no I managed to get to my terrible cooking before it burned down the house. Thanks for the concern. :)

    I really enjoy this server, I am glad I came across it at such a turning point in its life. Very impressed. I feel welcomed here, even if I do not come online as much as others do. :)
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  9. Welcome to Empire, good to see another active duty on the server :p
  10. Thanks. Glad I found this server. The community is really active and mature, in addition to being helpful and respectful to all members. I hope to get on again soon, but I got a whole lot of medical crap going on that personal time is extremely limited...
  11. The staff here is kool as long as they know your stuff wont get deleted
  12. ^this

    also welcome to the EMPIRE!!! an thank you for serving our fine nation!! GO ARMY!(sorry justin :) )
  13. Thanks man. It ain't all it is cracked up to be, though.. :) Not anymore, at least. However, each branch has its own pros and cons. I am a high school drop out, otherwise I would be a Commissioned Officer in the Air Force. I do not regret the decision to join and serve 8 years Active Duty, but if I could leave it all right now, I would. I have given all I am willing and able, and have taken as much as I can keep a firm grasp on... I am about 25 years late for getting full worth out of military service... If I had retired last year, I would not be loosing all that we are being robbed of now...

    The Army has been restructured so drastically in the last 10 years, 6 of which I have been directly involved in so far, that everything it was is gone. It is now a madhouse, however, with this newest restructuring, it will balance itself out. The Army is in an infancy going into modern warfare tactics. As such, we are playing trial and error now that the draw down has been activated... I have no negative feelings toward any of the military as it is written but the actual execution requires you to be brain dead. Just follow orders, no matter how ridiculous they are... I can't do that anymore. I think logically, so when I hear an illogical statement, I get upset.. Which is why I now take multiple medications... I thought too much. :)

    Long story short, Army is for the dumb, Navy is for the beach boys, Air Force for the fly boys, and Marines is for the elite... I don't fit these categories anymore. I am broken equipment... They will use me until I fall apart completely, then they will throw me away and leave me to my own devices...
  14. the sad reality of why america is falling apart in my opinion...OUR MILITARY NEEDS TO BE TAKEN CARE OF FIRST VETS AND ACTIVE DUTY ALIKE!!! NOT THE CORPORATIONS... :/

    PS. I myself was going to sign up when i turned 18 2 years ago but decided not to because i saw how the Veterans where being treated and losing benifits healthcare going to hell etc So i decided to sit around and think about what kind of degree i want and now i start on the road to that now...finally!
  15. Good luck but sitting around waiting is not going to fix your current situation... Set goals, do what you must to reach them, and do not let anyone discourage you from achieving them. Adversity is only an obstacle in your way that will make you appreciate what you have done when you overcome it. :)
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  16. i have started....i just didn't know what i wanted to major in until a few months ago was all :p i start school in january can't wait to be honest :D
  17. Right on bud! That is great to hear. I wish I had made the decision to finish high school but I have never made a mistake in my life. I have only made decisions, not all good but I learned from and grew after all of it. To make it clear, I dislike the military now but I do not forget what it has given me in my life. I am appreciative of it. I am better as a person as well. :)
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