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  1. Hello members of Empire Minecraft! I am mexicaneagle2134! I am new to Empire Minecraft and it's features. I am friends with Skilled_Creeper in real life & I just bought Minecraft recently so I am kind of a newb at the game so I might need help :). I hope to have many good adventures on this server & can't wait to meet so many people. :D
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  2. Welcome to Empire Minecraft, and Minecraft in general! You can tell me if you need help, I know a bit.
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  3. Hello! Welcome to EMC. this is a cool server group type thing lol but i'm sure you will love it here.:)
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  4. Welcome to our server, might I suggest (If you haven't already...) to read the Empire Guide. It will get you through the tutorial fast, and I can guarantee you that it will answer all your (Empire based) questions. Once again, welcome to the Empire Community, hope you enjoy.

    EDIT: Check out Minecraftopia, the link is on the home page. It has plenty of tips about game play.
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  5. Welcome!! Don't forget to read the guide!
  6. Thanks! I will keep that in mind. :) My residence is on smp1
    Thank you & I do agree that the server is cool, also who doesn't like it, never heard of such a thing. :)
    Thank you for the warm welcome & Skilled_Creeper told me all about the Empire Guide. It is like I could tell you it forwards & backwards! The links on the side of the homepage are very helpful, like Minecraftopia showing all the crafting recipes.
    Don't worry already read the amazing guide ;). Didn't mess up once on the tutorial & might I say what a great tutorial it was! I love how you get some rupees and starter items to help you out :D.
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  7. About the Empire Guide: Thanks for reading it! NO ONE likes a person who asks questions that are answered on the Guide.
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  8. Yeah it does get annoying when new players ask how to do stuff when the answer is really easy to find. :) P.S. Likes for everyone! :-D
  9. Well, we seem to have a problem with new members joining, and their first input into chat is "Can I haz the rupees?11/1?!", or "Diamondz NOW!", or "How I klaim Rez?!11!!1". Glad to see people still read the guide. (I'm bad at spelling like the people who spell like that...)
  10. I do know a lot of children play this game these days so maybe they aren't the best at spelling or typing? :p
  11. Welcome to EMC :)
    May your stay here be long and prosperous :D
  12. Yeah, but for a bunch of people it's normal. That upsets me.
  13. SMP6 is better!, it has uh...., it uh... it has.... uh... the uh... It has me! Automatic win!
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  14. Has our "deal" ended yet? :D

    And ME!
  15. I suppose I should feel stupid for not knowing that.
  16. :confused:
  17. And Paradise Point Outpost, which I want to join!