Hello Empire! Looking for workers at low 6493 on smp3!

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  1. Hello, it has been almost a month of work, but my lot if just getting started! I am looking for people who can help me supply my shop (for a reasonable pay). My hotel is sadly not open at the moment, but i hope for it to be open within a week or so. Please leave a post or private message me if you would like to work for me. Or, you can simply go to my shop and sell your items there, i have set up for you to be able to sell your items to me for a good price.
    A few items i will be buying/selling are but not limited to: Cobble, Sand, Stone, Ores, Bricks, And more!
    -Thank you for your time, and i appreciate all the help i can get!
    (dont worry about me not having enough money to pay you for your work, i have plenty to go around)
  2. Lot 6493****************