Hello Empire, I need you're help

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  1. Hello Empirians,
    I need your help :)

    I'm planning to buy a Wii U near the beginning of the school year, and I need your guys (and gals) help.

    I've been looking for good deals on them and for a 8 GB of storage it is only 230.00$ + tax and for a 32 GB of storage its 300.00$ + tax

    I'm trying to figure out a couple things
    If your are I interested in helping than scroll down further.
    If not I will hunt you do- I mean Hi there :p

    Tax price, I'm not sure what the tax price will be but I have to make sure I have enough money before I can buy it :)

    I believe the GB are used for storage space? How would the storage space be affected?

    What is the best Wii U to get

    Thanks for reading yet another thread I created XD
  2. Go with the 32 GB Wii, for sure. 8 is already a lot more than I could see you using, and for 32 GB, you could have a lot more games and run them better. Tax is usually somewhere around 7-8%, meaning that the most you would pay for that thing is $324. It's really not a bad price for what you're getting.
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  3. Ok thanks :)
  4. The tax would depend on where in the world you live. Your profile says you're in Westminster, and Google tells me that in England, sales tax is known as "Value-added tax" (VAT), which is at 17.5%, so just take the price and multiply it by 1.175 to get the amount you'd really be spending. (You've given the prices in dollars, which confuses me.)

    The other thing is storage capacity. If the two options are 8GB and 32GB, then that simply means that one has 4x the storage space as the other. However, if you only need 8GB (gigabytes; billion bytes) of hard drive space, then don't feel the need to spend extra money on the bigger one.

    What are those 8 or 32GB of space used for? As far as I know, mainly save data, game data, and especially downloaded games. If you're going to be downloading tons of games, you might need the extra space. Then again, I think you can store a lot of these things on SD cards, as that's certainly what I did on the old Wii. An SD card would be a separate purchase, but you can get one that holds more than the 24GB difference between 8 and 32, for less than the $70.00 difference between 230 and 300.
  5. *cough*20% for last 5 years *cough*
  6. Sorry; I must be using an outdated version of the Internet. :confused:
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