Hello Empire Addicts!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by CarnellFlatley, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Hey there .. I'm new to Empire MC .. started yesterday, having fun so far.

    Have not ventured in the frontier as of yet .. still messing around with my residence .. hehe
    Hope to make some new friends and have lots of fun.

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  2. Welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying your time here so far. I look forward to seeing you around. If you don't mind me asking, what server do you call home?
  3. Hi Carnell, welcome to the Empire. It is a great server with lots of friendly players around. Lots of fun in the wastes or frontier, just make sure you are wearing armor and carry a big stick or even better a good sword.
  4. Hi! Welmcome to EMC, if you need me I'm on smp8! on which amp are you on?
  5. Welcome to the Empire!
  6. Just a few tips:

    1. If it's easily obtainable, don't buy it. The wastes of EMC has a lot to offer.

    2. When in the Nether take lots of pictures of your coordinates, you never know what might happen.

    3. Make sure to communicate with lots of people, having friends makes the EMC experience 10x better. :)

    Welcome to EMC, if you have any questions PM here or In-game, I'm normally on SMP9 but bounce around the servers a lot. :) Enjoy your time.
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  7. Welcome to EMC. Be sure to check out the wiki. It's full of helpful tips about.... well, just about everything. :)
  8. You know I didn't even realize until earlier today; yesterday I suppose now; that I could have chosen a different server than the one I originally logged into .. hehe .. SMP1 is where I call home at least for the time being .. simple wooden house with gardens and livestock.

    My first mining venture into the wasteland, has been profitable. By luck I came across an abandoned mine shaft in a ravine. Very surprised someone else hadn't already gotten to it before me.
  9. We Reset the Wastelands recently so it is very fresh on all the servers, so new people shoudl eb able to get items easier than before, Also try not to build anything in the wastelands as that is not the safe area, build in the Frontier,
  10. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  11. Welcome to the Empire!
    If you got any questions, be sure to ask in town or look for me, or other staff!
    I like exploring the waste as it is meant more for gathering resources. (Yes I enjoy mining a load)

    Just because you live on one SMP, does not mean that you cannot travel to others! I often frequent through all the smps! There is a command, /vault, that allows you to move items between the smps. Be aware, that it charges you 10 rupees to open the vault.

    What else, for some easy rupees, be sure to vote (/vote for more info) or click the vote tab above.

    Other than that, have fun! Be sure to understand all the rules too!

    What build are you planning for your res?