Hello EMC!!

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  1. Hello EMC, you all probably do not know me because I have been kind of a private guy lately, and I decided to let you guys get to know me so i can get a little bit more popular on EMC.

    My real life name is Joshua.
    I am 13 born 8/17/1999 (I had to make my age high or else i could of not got into the EMC)
    I have been on EMC for 528 days.
    I live in Indiana in the U.S.A
    I am 5"5 tall
    I named myself puppy809 cause I like puppy's (pretty obvious) and no I am not a girl as some people call me.
    I have 3 siblings and i am the 3rd child
    My brother showed me this server 528 days ago. (aka zbalda97)

    I also am making a megamall at 8047 on smp4. Please feel free to donate to help it become a finished smp4 megamall.

    Also, If u have any questions about me, my megamall or anything else that is not to private or just plain weird feel free to ask away!!!

    Have a wonderful day and hopefully I see you around!!!