Hello EMC People's :P

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  1. So i joined EMC about 2months ago, but i finally had time to do this Soooo.

    Hello My Dwight <-- " last name"
    Currently in Jr.College transferring next semester to Kingsville A&M into the Geology Program and yes i do enjoy looking at dirt and rocks lol but its interesting field . Lets just say I live on the Coast of Texas about hour away from Houston, Country boy basically...see you guys on EMC servers
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  2. Great to have you
  3. Welcome to the Empire!
  4. Whats your res?
  5. Late welcome to EMC :p What Server?
  6. haha yea i know, My res is 10240 on Smp5 or 10181 cross the street, i share res with murrgetter
  7. Welcome:) I think I have seen you around, glad you made a post:) I hope to see you around more:)
  8. Come across SMP6 12454 sometime :)
  9. Alright DesDESable , and NinjaWolf you have res near your shop but never see you there, anyways it looks awesome.