Hello EMC I'm new here

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  1. Hello I am theawesome9803 and I am glad to be part of this awesome community server so far what I've seen has blown my mind and it's really amazing. I hope to meet lots of people and get to know them. :)
  2. You just joined the GREATEST SERVER EVER :D
  3. Hey theawesome! Welcome to our humble community :) What server have you claimed your res on? ~FDNY21
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  4. I'm on smp1.
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  5. Welcome to the Empire. If you haven't already checked the wiki then I would recommend doing it.
    I am on smp1 too.
  6. Awesome! I hope you have fun there :cool: ~FDNY21
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  7. Hey, theawesome! I'm sure we'll be really great friends! :D
  8. Welcome to the Empire! :D Hope to see you around
  9. Welcome to the Empire!
    *psst* Be sure to check out smp4, its the best :)
  10. Welcome to Empire Minecraft!
  11. Hi and Welcome to the Empire! :D Hope you enjoy your time here and hope I see you in game sometime! Don't forget to check the forums for the latest news and cool stuff! :p
  12. :D Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
  13. You are welcome to join smp2. :)

    All... LIES. You have no chance. Smp2 is the best.
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  14. Smp4, where you can find 30r diamonds.
    Anything the smp2'ers can do, we can outdo them! :p
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  15. Welcome, theawesome! ;)
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  16. theawesome is actually a really great friend of mine! She's really nice and will be a really great addition to the empire! :D
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  18. Nah... smp1's the best. She already has a res right by me! :D
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  19. Truth
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  20. Welcome! This community is very friendly. It is cool that you got a lot next to your firend. Unlike myself where I claimed the first lot that popped up... On the other side of the map from my friend's lot... hehe