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  1. I am now almost 60 days in but thought I would stop by here and officially say hi. I am on SMP4 and I'm the guy that sells the ench books.

    My son came to me about a year ago and said he wanted to play a new game called MineCraft. Being the good Daddy that I am I downloaded it and set him up with a PC. I looked at it and wondered why he wanted to play this game that looked like it came from the 80's and figured I'd be deleting it soon.

    The questions kept coming, so I found the wiki and dove in deeper to help him through it. Well now he is building his own 2x2 hidden piston doors (he is 7) and I have become a bit of a MC encyclopedia with my own account and what we may call a slight addiction issue. :)

    I've been looking for public servers and stumbled across this one. There was an immature person using foul language and I was impressed at how quickly he was silenced. I monitored the server for a couple of days and found there were always admins close and it really was family friendly. We play here together and feel completely secure letting him play without me hanging over his shoulder.

    So thank you for such an awesome, family friendly server with a fantastic community. I look forward to meeting more of you, and thank you to MoonGlum_ for helping me get oriented within the first 5 minutes of logging in. This place rocks!

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  2. Hi Gweeedz. Welcome to the Empire and the forums. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  3. Welcome to the Empire, so glad you are having a good time here. :)
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  4. Hi Gweeedz! Nice choice of SMP4 is live on ;) Awesome business selling ench books! Those make the most rupees I believe.
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  5. Welcome to EMC :)
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  6. Welcome to the empire! I am in need for enchanted books for pvp so I will try to stop by. ;)
  7. Hey gweedz! Completely agree on your OP, the amount of time staff and players put into this community to better it is something which is amazing to see. Oh and remember to keep up stock, I need to keep buying you out :p
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  8. Thanks DubChef, stock levels are waaay up there now. I used to only release 9 at a time to ensure everyone gets their fair share. Now it's wide open, buy as many as you can carry!
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  9. Update.
    I hit 2 milestones! I managed to maintain the #1 TEXP for June and I hit my rupee goal this AM! Thank you to all my loyal customers, I guess this is what happens when you provide a good product at a good price. ;)

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  10. Welcome Gweeedz! Hope you enjoy your stay. :cool:
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  11. Welcome to the Empire!! :)
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  12. :) welcome to the Empire! i'm glad you love it! minecraft is amazing! :D
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