Hello :D

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  1. My name is Bloody_neoxist, I'm playing emc now for a long time, i made my res 3 times (you know, left for more than 10 days...)

    Now I'm back again and I'm making a nice shop at 2430 (SMP1)

    and btw, maybe my skin looks scary, but I'm friendly :)
  2. I gave you your first like:)
  3. Thanks :p
  4. u is scary!
  5. I never knew that Herobrine had blood.
  6. Herobrine not,

    but I do :p
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  7. Let's not be so sure.......
    *screaming heard in background*
  8. Welcome back!!!!! Y U LIKE BLOOD??
  9. I mean, I do too, but why do you like blood?:p
  10. Hehe, to be serious, a friend of mine give this account to me, (2 years ago)
    And I made the skin like this because I like the herobrine and there is "bloody" in my name :)