hello! :D

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Do you think i seem like a good player?

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Yes 7 vote(s) 87.5%
No 1 vote(s) 12.5%
  1. hello! im jdvsh, im very good at building and like to mine.if you need anything, message me in game! :D
  2. Welcome to the Empire. if YOU need any thing im on SMP1 most of the time feel free to drop in... :)
  3. Welcome to the empire
    if Bobthetomato or Roblikescake bribe you with food DENY IT!!!!!!
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  4. I'm mostly at smp7 give me a call
  5. Hello & welcome to EMC!
  6. wat would they do? i mean, its no PVP
  7. Hi welcome to the empire, I'm mostly on smp1 maybe I'll see you around.
  8. i know but Watch out
  9. Welcome to the empire!! PM me if you want free iron armour!
  10. Welcome! SMP 2 is da' bestest! ;D
  11. Welcome to the Empire! d=:D=b