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  1. Welcome, Fellow Minecraftian To the Regional Building Committee!
    An Organization set to build YOU anything, For FREE!
    Hey don't say this is a scam it is truly not!
    in the current situation we have only 3 Employees/Volunteers, so be that said We Need Anyone to come and join the Committee! First Person to join is the Co-Owner!

    Hosted at SMP 1 By Jacy4321, The servers Activities Manager!
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  2. Gosh me The event is happening at 1349, Smp 1.
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  3. Could you give a little more detail about exactly what this is?
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  4. it will take a long time but ok
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  5. Can you build redstone devices?
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  6. R.B.C

    A committee going to build you anything from a mega-mall to a little monument to yourself
    a non-profit organization made for the lazy or for the homeless. It doesn't matter Who. People who join this committee will be the Generous and the happiest people. I Jacob am going to do this alone or with many. Just know that The Empire is not A boring Server, and I made this committee just for the fun of building in Minecraft. Don't be afraid of revealing your most wanted malls or buildings you've always wanted to build. We only build the structer of the mall not stocking and decorating the mall that would be ridiculous!
  7. Yes town only, Sorry
  8. Dibs on the first mall ^-^
  9. I myself personally am not good at building complex redstone Contraptions / Devices but yes we can.
  10. Better Hurry to apply, o and btw first person to sign up for employee is Co-Owner
  11. feel free to comment I have a lot of time.
  12. Co-ownership already taken by Gianluca!
  13. I might get u to build a small monument/statue for my landscaping for me. I will probably have it tomorrow
  14. ok then if u can please drop a book into the selected hopper plz at 1349 smp1 and it will be taen care of and in the book please state the block u want it made out of , and please don't pick ores there took expesive the most abundant lock we have is stone brick
  15. Hey that mall You were talking about when do u want it? just put a book into the set hopper and your needs will be taken care of. the mall will be created out of stone brick nd glass change and of these to a selected type and we will get these materials and build this half resident mall/fulres mall/medium mall/ small mall.