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  1. Hello everyone, if you don't know me... well that's why I'm here isn't it? I'm mainly on SMP 1 and i have a great shop at 308 only selling blocks now but expanding to tools, food, etc. Come and check out my shop. i have been playing minecraft for 5-6 months and i have started to play tekkit( look it up on Google).i also will be recording various things across the Empire. i will be posting the videos so don't ask when they will get put up on youtube. i'll tell you when there up. And DO NOT ask for the name of the channel.Back to the point, i also LoVe to go mining so if you see me asking to go mining, please join.

  2. i am saddend to see that NO ONE has replied to this! :( this is completely not cool, and you posted this for a reason, about three days ago? lol
  3. no, not really. i don't want to be part of a guild or team, but thanks anyway! :)
  4. I dont regularly surf this thread. Welcome nonetheless! (Meg did not guilt me into this with that post... entirely :p)
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  5. I was going to post a welcome when I saw the thread on the recent until I saw it was Meghs trying to trick people into welcoming.
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  6. LOL mwahahaha. :D
    I am at my evil doings again!
  7. Why do I get a feeling this thread has gone very OT..
  8. lol, its all good either way. Socializing is good :)