hello all

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  1. hello all.
    i'm not new to mc but new to this server.
    thanks everyone for your help and patience :)

  2. Hi there Rayne! Welcome to EMC! If you have any questions please let us (me) know! :)
  3. Welcome To EMC And The Forums!!!f You Need A Chat Or Have A Question Just Let Me Know :D
  4. Hi Rayne. Welcome to the Empire. What smp are you on? I'm on smp3 and if you need any help and you see me on, let me know. ;) Enjoy your stay. :)
  5. Heya Rayne, she is on smp2 for all those asking. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  6. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
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  7. Welcome to smp4!
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  8. Welcome to the Empire! Though I will warn you, every time I have logged on in the wild, a boss mob spawns immediately. This has happened the past 3 times I have logged on and I have only logged on in the wilderness 3 times. So turn your difficulty down and watch your back. Alright. Have fun. :)