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  1. Hi,

    I am theherb1 from Holland. I just started yesterday on multiplayer-online servers and have the feeling i really going to like it :)

    Played single player for 2 months now and have the feeling I know how everything works in single player.

    I wondering about one thing: Can i still find iron, coal, diamonts etc etc in the wilderness? I have feeling everything is already mined? Or am i wrong?

    Right now i am thinking about making a shop, sell stuff and buy my iron (later better stuff) . But i would like to find it on my own. Have no clue where to start...

    ANy advise apreciated :)

  2. the wild, at first glance, may seem barren. If you go to one of the outposts, however, and travel a few blocks out of the spawn zone, there are still plenty of resources to be found all around.

    Welcome to the Empire, And I hope you enjoy your time here. =)
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  3. Hi theherb1 welcome to the empire! dundundunnnn

    i hope you have a great time playing on emc!

    if u have any questions, ask the mods!
  4. welcome to empireminecraft
    i hope you have fun
  5. Welcome to EMC, If you move out of the safe area of spawn it will be hard, but if you go to one of the outposts (10,000) and walk alittle your chances will rise and finding lands that haven't been touched!

    Welcome again and i hope you enjoy yourself :)
  6. Nope.All of the ores have been mined up from the continually generating wild.