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  1. I just joined tonight after an exhaustive search for a good PvE server. I admit im not afraid of pvp servers, but a lot of them do not meet my expectations in staff and/or protections for players (I was banned from my last server for arguing with the owner over Star Wars). I have high hopes for these servers, from what I've seen so far anyway. And.. that's about it. ;)

    Well, I am 20 and live in Michigan, if anyone cares about that :p
  2. I like Star Wars.
  3. Welcome to the Empire, EMC is proud of its staff, and makes alot of decisions with its players in mind. So I hope you enjoy your stay here =), and hope we live up to your expectations.
  4. That isn't the point.This thread is about Star Wars.
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  5. I like Star Wars as well. The argument was over Episode one and Darth Maul.