Hello all. Please help! D:

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  1. Hi I'm new. How do i chat? It keeps telling me i can't chat. I've tried setting my chat to Town, using @t, /tell, and the server wont let me chat. I'm in server 3.
  2. Have you finished the tutorial? If not you can't chat.
  3. Press Enter to bring up the chat box, to type.
    If you just started Minecraft, it would usually by / to start chatting.
    Go to controls and change it to Enter.
    Enter is much easier for me, also for others.

    If you can type, but it wont allow you to send a message.
    Try /chat town and start talking.
    Also, if you haven't finished the tutorial. Your unable to chat, until you

    If it doesnt work, might wanna contact a staff.
    Best advice I can give you. :D
  4. I finished the tutorial, yes. I will try to do the tutorial again I suppose. Thank you both.
  5. Lol / is quick for commands t is default, and I have it set to c :D
  6. If nothing is working, try contacting a staff. They would love to help
  7. The issue here is do with your Minecraft setup. When you go into options click on "Multiplayer Settings..." And make sure Chat says :Shown not :Off or :Command Only.
    So to summarize: Options/Multiplayer Settings/Chat:Shown
  8. Is chat off on your minecraft settings? That's probably the problem.

    I probably got ninja'd. Wound up having to do something for 5 minutes.
    Also, you're new? We're friends now. Irrevocably.
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  9. Did you ever type /ch t?
  10. Love the texture pack *giggity Giggity*
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  11. didnt you turn ur chat off accidently? if so try /chat on
  12. He probably did that already, hes been on EMC for a few hours. He wont just stay at one spot.