Hello all, I would like to introduce myself!

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  1. Hello, I recently found Empire Minecraft and I am loving it! I have been looking for an awesome server to join for a few months after I resigned from my Admin position on Killion. I believe I have finally found that server :). Well my IGN is jax129 though I would prefer you just call me Jax. I've been playing minecraft for a couple years now. I'm known to be on a ton, so much so that many people have asked if I even had an outside life :p While I do have a life I spend so much time on my computer because I have a heart condition that prevents me from doing almost anything physical so no sports etc. At a very young age I took a liking to video gaming and ever since then I have found that my alternitive to where most people get outside and have fun I am inside coding,playing,or producing music. I hope to be with empire minecraft for a long time!
  2. Welcome! I hope you have a great time here :D
  3. Hello friend.. Do you like Tacos?
  4. Welcome to the empire, also that sucks about your heart. ):
  5. welcome to the empire!

    because when you see in the empire, the server trolls you! ~justinguy
  6. Welcome! You've found yourself an awesome community with well run servers, an awesome staff, and lots of fun things to do! We're glad you came -- lots of exciting things about to happen around these parts. Which server(s) are your favorites so far?
  7. Welcome to the Family
  8. Welcome to the Empire! d=:D=b
  9. Welcome to the empire! have a great time! ;)
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  10. Welcome to the Empire!!! I hope you ahev a great time with us :D
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  11. Welcome,
    I'm Jeanzl2000.
    Joined 217 Days ago.
    Never Buy at /shop.
    If you are going to smp1 go to:
    P.S I Co-Own 509
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  13. Welcome to EMC - Follow the rules and you will have an amazing time
  14. Welcome to the Empire. We hope you enjoy it here. I, also, have a heart condition, but it doesn't prevent me from doing sports. It just makes me run out of breath faster. I like running, cricket, and danish longball. I was 2 when I played my first game. Oh, and i'm an admin on 2 servers. I resigned admin position on a third server to focus on the other 2, which I barely ever play any more :p
  15. It isnt stocked :(
  16. Welcome to the Empire Jax!