Hello... again ._. (need a little help getting up to speed)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JZH1000, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. Hi, I'm probably back to stay for a while, but I need some nice EMC folk to let me know all the major need to know changes both Game related, forum related, and player related. I am probably going to be on in 9 hours (up early for school) as of this post's time, so I won't respond until I'm back (obviously) so yeah.

    EDIT: Could somebody check if my residences are still there? (I voted to day so I'm not derelict, but I would like it if somebody could check /v +a on smp3) Thanks.

    (here is a cat: :3)
  2. (Telling from your sig you haven't been on in... a while)
    How long have you been gone?
    If it is like 1+ years here is some stuff:
    • JackBiggen isn't staff.
    • Aikar owns EMC and Justin left (You might have known that)
    • New /mail system
    • Tons of new staff
    • Better game servers
    • No dragon tombs (What a surprize eh?)
    • Bug fixes
    • No 1.8 :rolleyes:
    • Your reses are still there
    • New promos
    • Tons of new stuff/commands
    • Stage is for build team too
    • I'll let other people answer the rest
  3. you know I've only been on off since June, and really haven't been on at all since October.
  4. Well some of that stuff is still useful.