Helllo World of Empire Minecraft

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SouR_SkunlK, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Helllllo my username is SouR_SkunlK, i just wanted to introduce myself to this really cool community and ask of one thing. How do i join a server to become a residence and start my quest?
  2. Hello! Welcome to the awesome Empire of awesome-ness! :{D -Le mustache ftw!-
    To get on a server pick servers SMP1 - SMP9 and type in smp[Whateveryouchose].Empire.us and to claim do /v open and if you like the res just type /res claim [Res number] and from there you can do what ever you want aslong as you read the rules. xD

    Hope I helped and have an awesome time here! :3
  3. Welcome ( smp1 is we're all the pros live )
  4. Joining is as simple as connecting to one of the servers which are listed on the home page and going through the tutorial. To claim a res type /v open and you'll be teleported to a random res that no one lives on. If you like it type /res claim or reroll if you don't like it